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Medication matters

The Practice continuously monitors patients who take high-risk medications. This is done by our pharmacists, Ali Abass and Marta Ramos, in conjunction with the doctors with Dr Windross as lead GP.

As a patient, you may be asked to go for a blood test, to take blood pressure readings, or to have an appointment with a GP so we can continue prescribing safely for you. We recommend buying your own blood pressure machine (the arm ones are a superior choice). During the pandemic these appointments will be by telephone or video.

Please look out for messages at the top of your repeat prescription asking you to do so.


There is a widespread issue of antimicrobial resistance which may endanger patients who have a bacterial infection and are resistant to many antibiotics. The practice therefore follows guidance from the CCG which highlights key areas of resistance and good prescribing practice. Please be patient while we send off samples to the hospital to check for bacterial infections before we unnecessarily prescribe antibiotics.

Public Health England (PHE) has regular National Health Awareness days for the "Keep Antibiotics Working" Campaign. This helps to raise awareness for the issue and reduce public demand.

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